Women's Conference 2020





Cost: $50 

Includes Conference Book, Dinner,

Continental Breakfast, & Lunch

Our annual women's conference is a wonderful time for our ladies to be instructed from God's Word from a godly woman. This year's speaker will be Cameron Dodd from Grace Bible Church in Tempe Arizona. The conference them is Endurance with Joy built around this thesis: "In His goodness and sovereignty, God is often pleased to provide endurance, rather than escape, for His saints in the midst of trials, in order to bring glory to His name and steadfastness to their faith." The cost of the conference is $50 and includes meals and conference book. Childcare is provided for those that need it.

Conference Schedule:

March 6-7

Friday 6pm-8:30pm | Saturday 8:30am-1pm 

Conference Speaker: Cameron Dodd

Cameron Dodd is the happy mother of four sweet kids and resides in Gilbert, Arizona. She has been a wife, a mom, a missionary, a Spanish teacher, and through it all, has seen the Lord be who He says He is and do what He promises to do. 

In 2014, she and her husband, Matt, moved across the world with their four kids to the remote island nation of Papua New Guinea with the goal being to translate God's word into an unwritten language and plant a church in an unreached tribe. Two years into this journey, a cancer diagnosis radically changed their plans and led them to re-allocate back to the United States. In addition to the privilege of being a mom, Cameron has been blessed to testify to God's faithfulness in various speaking and teaching contexts at churches and women's events  since 2017. 
The gospel is the rock upon which she stands and she is eager to proclaim this whenever given the chance. When she isn't blessed to be speaking somewhere, you can find her laboring alongside the women's leadership team at her church, working at her children's school, or sitting gratefully under the teaching of her pastors at Grace Bible Church in Tempe, AZ. 

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