Marriage Conference Fall 2023

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Our annual Marriage Seminar is scheduled for October 20, 2023. You can click here to begin the registration process. The cost is per couple and includes meal, child-care for the session, and prizes. 

Marriage is meant for oneness. This is clear from the first pages of Scripture. What the rest of Scripture bears out is that marriage is meant to portray more than happiness, more than momentary experiences, more even than creating a family. Marriage in its oneness is meant to portray the wonderful union of Christ and His people, the Church. 

Community Baptist Church is excited to invite you to attend our 2023 Marriage Seminar October 20, where we’ll look at Scripture’s commands and provision for growing oneness in the partnership of marriage. 

In years past, our Marriage Conference has been a two day event from Friday Evening to Saturday afternoon. For the second year, we are rearranging the schedule to fit a Friday Evening seminar schedule. The Q&A will be on the following Wednesday Evening service. 

Date: Oct. 20

Fri. 6pm-8:30pm

Cost: $40

Seminar includes: session, childcare, and catered dinner