Young Adult Seminar 2020

One Anothers (FOR ONLINE USE)


This year's Young Adult Seminar will be on the "One Anothers: Life in the Body" as we consider how the Scripture guides our interactions with others both as members of the body and with outsiders. Scheduled for December 4&5, our Young Adult Seminar is for our unmarried adults under 40 and over 18. 

The cost for the conference is $35

The Seminar includes two teaching sessions, conference book, a catered dinner on Friday, coffee & snacks, a continental breakfast, and access to Saturday morning's activity at Xtreme Action Park (there is an additional $50 cost for this activity). 

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Our Tentative Schedule is as follows: 


6-7pm - Catered Dinner  

7-8pm - Session 1

8-9pm - Fellowship 


7:45am - Continental Breakfast & Session 2

9-3 - Activity/Lunch in Ft. Lauderdale 

5:30 Q&A - Worship Session 


The Group Activity is a special group rate arranged with Xtreme Action Park of Ft. Lauderdale. The cost for this activity is $50 and includes Go Kart Race, Ropes Course, and Arcade Access. The activity fee and paperwork will be coordinated by Jenna Hagler, please contact her with any questions.