Parenting Seminar 2020 Recap & Resources

At our recent Parenting Seminar, we mentioned having resources for your family.... 

Here's just a small selection of some resources to check out for your parenting! We've divided it in resources for parents, books for small children, older children, and all ages. There's many, many more out there and this is just a short list that may be helpful for your family. For more recommendations please speak to Pastor Phillip or Ransom.

For Parents

Shepherding a Child's Heart – Ted Tripp
Big Truths for Little Hearts – Bruce Ware
Age of Opportunity - Paul Tripp
The Duties of Parents – JC Ryle
In the Arena – David Prince
Discipling - Mark Dever
When Sinners Say I Do - Dave Harvey
Disciplines of a Godly Family - Kent Hughes
Parenting - Paul Tripp
The Faithful Parent - Stuart Scott & Martha Peace

Children of All Ages

The Gospel Story Bible - Marty Machowski
The Jesus Storybook Bible - Sally Lloyd Jones 
The Biggest Story - Kevin DeYoung
My ABC Bible Verses - Susan Hunt 
Psalms by Day - Alec Motyer 


Young Children 

The Storm that Stopped - Alison Mitchell
The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross - Carl Laferton 
Little Lights Children Biographies
Banner of Truth Children's Biographies
The Prince and the Poison Cup - RC Sproul
God Made All of Me - Justin S Holcomb
Heroes of the Faith series - Sinclair Ferguson 
The Radical Book for Kids - Champ Thornton
The Ology - Marty Machowski 

Older Children 

Trail Blazers Series - Christian Focus Publishing
Light Keepers (Ten Boys/Girls Who...) - Christian Focus Publishing
Faith & Freedom Trilogy - Douglas Bond
Boys/Girls Just Like Me - Jean Stapleton 
How God Stopped the Pirates - Diana Kleyn