Church in the Midst of a Pandemic

Dear church family, as our community responds to the news and reports of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want to give you some more information about how our elders are seeking to shepherd CBC for the coming week.... 


1. If You're Concerned about Coming, You're Free

If because of a medical condition or because of an abundance of concern for your safety you choose to remain home this Sunday, know that you are free to do so and that we will be having all of our services broadcast live-streamed and then posted online. Click here to access our Livestream page and learn how to do that! 

2. If You’re Not Feeling Well, Stay Home  

As a service to our church body, if you or your children are sick or not feeling well, please stay home. Again, we will be broadcasting the service and posting all of them online. You can view instructions on this here. Take this time with your family, rest, and recover so you’re able to better serve the body in the future.

3. Your church is here for you

If we can serve you or your family please let us know. If going to get necessary items becomes a difficult or a concern for you or you have a need that arises due to the concerns in the community, your church family is here and desires to serve you well. Please, contact John Nelson 772-260-1789 or Phillip Smith 772-924-8535 regarding any of your needs. 
IN order to serve our church we are also encouraging and implementing the following:  
  • we will be placing additional hand sanitizers in our children's department for the adults to make use of for themselves
  • we are encouraging you to make use of the anti-bacterial soap in the restrooms, practicing good hygeine, according to best practices.
  • we will be wiping down all door handles in the church before the service
  • we will be having our cleaning crew do a "deep clean" of the campus this week 

Because this is a developing situation, please be sure you’re making yourself aware of any news from CBC such as updates through our emails, website, or social media. If you have any questions please contact one of your elders.   



We’re cancelling Sunday school as a way of serving those who labor in that hour.